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Playing a musical instrument such as the drum, and staying fit all at the same time, definitely sound like a good idea, right? You can say that it is a healthy way to be fit. Although many health experts agree with the fact that exercising is still the best method in preventing various kinds of illnesses, there are researchers all over the world who were doing a comprehensive study about the health benefits of drumming.

Studies have shown that at least an hour of drumming session keeps the heart rate up. It creates a whole new world of wonder to the immune system. Blood runs through the muscles, taking with it the oxygen that is rich in nutrients. While the muscles and joints become flexible, the back receives a good workout. Continuous activity attacks the body with new white blood cells, protecting you from many kinds of health issues.

All the more encouraging are the results that suggest that drumming can relieve severe neurological disorders. Neurologists have observed the capability of natural rhythms to aid individuals with their conditions. It is a good therapeutic solution for individuals suffering from these illnesses.

Moreover, drumming helps children with special needs in the aspects of social skills, emotional expression, speech, cognition, motor strength and control.

Playing drums requires an effort from the largest group of body muscles, consisting of the stomach, back and legs. Although it requires minor work from the upper limbs, it is still a good activity as opposed to just sitting in front of the television.

Many individuals are born with the gift of talent which applies very much in the field of music and the arts. Say for instance, some are born with a golden voice while others are naturally capable in dancing. Every individual is said to have a hidden talent which can be nurtured and cultivated. When it comes to drumming, this skill can already be learned through music education such as Red Drum Music lessons. And the good thing is that it does not require a particular age to be in. Drumming is an open entity which can be learned by everyone.

Health and Immune Functions

Medical researches have shown that drumming reduces the body’s reaction to stress and boosts the disease fighting cells. These studies have proven that engaging in drum circles can increase the defense mechanism of the body, and can alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure, migraines, arthritis, asthma, cancer and many other conditions. It also helps speed up the healing period.

A lot of hospitals hold drum circles for their patients, as it has been discovered that group drumming stimulates the white blood cells, which kill cancer and virally-infected cells. Furthermore, it has shown psychological and neurological benefits.

Social Well-being

Drumming is an effective experience of working with other people successfully. In group drumming, respect and acceptance for others emerge as every person recognizes the overall sound is better than an individual part. The activity can be enjoyed by everybody and connects all ages and cultures around the globe.

Right and left Brain Coordination

Basically, the left and right brain hemispheres process information differently. The thinking and learning process improve when the brain takes part as a way to balance things. The majority of people, for a number of reasons, usually process information by using more dominant side. The bilateral dynamics of drumming makes it a great tool for conditioning the less dominant side of the brain.

Some additional benefits of drumming are:

  • Longer periods of concentration and focus
  • Educational driven
  • Creative thinking
  • The ultimate brain-gym exercise generates a slower brain state, producing positive results
  • Leadership and team building skills improved group morale
  • Develop spatial awareness

Every one of these benefits causes you to look at life in a more positive way. As a result, you become sociable, productive, fun and open-minded. Another great thing about drum playing is that it attracts other music artists to direct their attention at you. Drumming is an opportunity to share your talent to other people. And, staying in good physical condition is a huge plus for you. The healthier you are, the easier for you to play the instrument for longer hours.


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