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More and more individuals and families are buying townhouses instead of single detached homes primarily because of the many advantages of a close-knit neighborhood community afforded by these townhouse complexes. While some might question whether there are any health benefits that can be derived from small house living especially when compared to single detached homes, more homeowners find living in a townhouse complex to be particularly advantageous to them and their loved ones.

While it is true that townhouses do not have the luxury of a backyard or even a lawn or any other empty space with which one can call their own, townhouses do have front lawns that can be landscaped to suit the tastes of the homeowner. Having a backyard will often mean that homeowners will have excellent ventilation as well as unrestricted access to fresh air. On the other hand, because townhouses are built in such a way that the walls are shared by adjacent townhouse units, people often think that air circulation and ventilation is poor. Perhaps the only drawback is that you won’t have a backyard to do your gardening or your landscaping project. Other than that, there is not much difference between a townhouse and a single-detached home, except from the price, of course.

Now, if you look at some of the properties for sale on Chilli Realty you will see that many of the townhouses are built in such a way that they are energy-efficient. You may not know it but energy efficiency can be indirectly related to one’s health. A home that cannot manage the exchange of temperatures between the interior and exterior of the home can lead to a host of health problems owing to the imbalance in heat transfers. People can get easily sick even indoors. And while cooling or heating systems can help create a more comfortable interior environment, you will also have to check on your energy expenditure. Rising costs of energy bills can lead to anxiety which can lead to health problems. An energy-efficient townhouse helps you stay relaxed and calm because you won’t have to worry about prohibitive energy bills.

Additionally, townhouses have their neighbors literally just behind their wall. This increases the sense of security. Again, it translates to lesser worries and lesser anxieties. If you need to go on a long trip with your family, your next-door neighbor can literally watch over your property while you are away. This way you can enjoy your holiday vacation less the anxiety of thinking about your property. You cannot ask a neighbor to look after your single detached home as efficiently as they can on a townhouse unit.

Furthermore, because most townhouses are located in a private enclave, say a subdivision, you can gain access to common areas such as swimming pools, gyms, children’s playground, and other recreational facilities. These are excellent for maintaining a more well-rounded health for you and your family.

The health benefits of living in a townhouse may not be readily apparent. Nevertheless, townhouse living does provide health benefits stemming from not having to worry so much about property security, energy utilization, and enjoyment for the whole family. Access to these amenities results to convenient living which therefore leads to a more relaxed and stress-free lifestyle. Stress, being the culprit to many illnesses and diseases today, must be eradicated. If this is not possible then at least it must be reduced.

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