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Hair Style


The hair is one part of the body on which we often spend a lot of time every single day. From shampooing to blow-drying to styling, all these add up to around 30 minutes consumed daily. It is also a fact that we spend for our hair. Apart from the needed regular haircut, there are also enhancements that we pay for such as hair colour, hot oil and many more. It goes to show all these point to one thing – we want to have beautiful hair.

Learning the basics about hair care is vital but when it comes to more complex procedures it is best to leave it with the experts. To gain more knowledge about hair care, here are what professional hairdressers have to say:

Youthful Hair

For a younger-looking hairstyle, it would be a great idea to show off some bangs. The bangs hide the wrinkles on the forehead making you look a few years younger. For a chic and versatile look, a long side-swept fringe is the best style. Don’t cut your hair too short because this tends to make people more mature. Also, never changing your hairstyle is a sign of aging. Choose a haircut that reaches the collarbone. With this style, you would be able to pull it into a ponytail at one time or simply lay them down on another occasion. If your skin has gotten dull or pale due to aging, warm things up and get some golden highlights.

Fighting Frizzy Hair

Some people might think that leaving the hair with conditioner can prevent the frizz. Take note – this idea is not true. Actually it dries out the hair even more. The best way to treat frizzy hair is to follow the regular washing and drying cycle. When this is done apply a frizz-fighting cream or anti-frizz fluid onto the hair. This chemical is heavier than serum that it coats the hair and then weighs it down to prevent frizzing. Do not use a flat-iron to straighten the frizz because it can only the damage the hair.

Building Body

When your hair doesn’t have volume, this means the natural oils are taken away from the hair. This is a sign that you are shampooing too much. Daily shampoo can strip away natural oils. Practice every-other-day shampooing to ensure that natural oils stay intact. Use conditioner after and apply this starting from the middle portion moving to the tips. When the hair gets dry, use a leave-on conditioner or nourishing oil to moisturise the hair and at the same time produce volume.

Treating Dry Damage Hair Due to Hair Colour

Too much bleach on the hair as acquired through hair colour results to breakage. When hair colour starts to fade, this is an indication that your hair has also weakened. It becomes brittle and more prone to damage and split ends. To bring back healthy and lively hair, use a conditioning treatment once a week to strengthen and moisturise the hair strands. Do the regular shampooing or conditioning by using a protein-enriched shampoo. Keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water everyday and take a biotin supplement to rejuvenate damaged hair. It will take a while for the results to show but you are assured of positive outcome.

Fast-growing Hair

For those who have made a bad decision of cutting their hair too short, the best way to have them grow faster is an over-the-counter supplement called Viviscal. It speeds the growth of hair twice faster. Of course, this isn’t an overnight fix but you will notice that your hair will grow faster after a month or so. Expect two inches in three months instead of one. Many celebrities use Viviscal as it is known to be a great fashion secret. According to a dermatologist, the ingredients found in Viviscal are safe and effective.

For any concern about your hair, it is best to consult with specialists. Gathering information from the web or reading articles from the papers can be helpful but you cannot be sure of positive results. We are born with different hair types and that is why the response to hair care products is different as well. When it comes to a new hairstyle, get the best haircut in Melbourne and see a great transformation on your crowning glory.